Leave your video camera at home and let us take care of the vacation video. We've made arrangements with your group tour or cruise company  to have our crew join the trip.  Choose one of the packages below and we'll produce a personalized mini documentary of your trip - including video of you and any family or friends you're traveling with throughout your trip. A great keepsake video that will make your memories last forever.

 Our crew will record the best of the beautiful and unique destinations you travel to, leaving you free to enjoy the trip without having to videotape the experience yourself.  

Our Hi-Def video will capture the cities, towns, landscapes and other sites you visit on your trip.
Complete with music and titles, your video comes ready to upload to Facebook, YouTube and other sites.

Two weeks after your trip ends, we'll send you a DVD and digital video file of your professionally produced and edited custom-made vacation movie.

$350 Sightseer Package
10 Minute video
An overview of your trip that Includes video of selected cities, towns, cultural and historical sites that you visit.
Personalized with video that shows you traveling at various points during your trip.
Complete with music, graphics and captions identifying your destinations.

$400 Traveler Package
20 Minute video
Includes all of the above plus:
A more extensive video showing footage of ALL your destinations., as well as you on-camera at various times throughout the trip.

$500 Voyager Package
30 Minute video
Includes all of the above plus:
Exclusive On-camera interviews with you, your traveling companion, or family throughout the trip talking about the highlights, memories, etc.
Choice of up to 3 music tracks.
1 re-edit included. We'll send you a first edit of the video and you'll have an opportunity to request changes. The final edited video and DVD will be sent to you one week later.

-DVD and digital file (.m4v file via Dropbox) sent to you two weeks after travel ends.
- Ready to upload to your favorite video site (i.e. Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.). Or let us do it for you. We'll need your account access information to do this. $25 for each upload session.
- Extra DVDs - $15 each
- Orders must be paid for at least two weeks in advance of trip departure date


If you'd like to arrange to offer TrekMate services on your trip, please contact us. We can also create promotional and commercial videos of the destinations your company  travels to. Contact us for more information. 

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Personalized Travel Videos.

Leave your camera at home. Leave the memories to us.